Mourning Glory

from by Daemon9623

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With the rays of the sun cresting the horizon, who stands victorious after the shroud of night is lifted?

I’ve always been both a critic and a fan of open endings. Leaving something left to the imagination of the audience is both poetic and a cop-out. I do like the idea of ending the album in a way that the listener can imagine how the survivors made it. Did they fall to the horde as they ran for the chopper? Did the pilot leave without them to save himself? Did they heroically overcome the hundreds of infected and fly to safety? I guess it depends. What is safe now, anyway? The world is still overcome, and surviving one night means little. Or does it mean everything? I purposely tinged the song with uplifting passages and somber ones to emulate the duality I wanted. I also took a cue from At the Gates and Arch Enemy here and wanted to go for an ending like Slaughter of the Soul and Burning Bridges had that was still in the spirit of the album, but with a different approach. Credit must be given to Norrin_Radd in a roundabout fashion. When he released Anomaly he included the tracker files for ModPlug, and in them were cut tracks and unused sections. The track Wanderer blew me away and I immediately plugged in my own lines/riffs and asked him if he wanted to take the cut track and do some back and forth on it. He told me that it was actually being used elsewhere, which had me a little bummed out but ultimately led to the creation of this song. I lifted my parts out and created the rest of the song around them and I felt it was a proper closing track to the album.


from They Came From Beneath, released August 30, 2012



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Daemon9623 Las Vegas, Nevada

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